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Lifeboat Accounting's Nonprofit Organization Seminar
Monday, November 16th

Online via Zoom


9:30 to 10 am: Zoom room opens for meet and greet/mingling

10:00 to 11:00 am: Compliance check: must have policies and best practices for NFPs

We'll start the day by taking an inventory of your organization's policies and best practices and leave time for questions and requests for the day.

11:15 to 12:00 pm: Understanding IRS Form 990
Nonprofit organizations file IRS Form 990 as its annual tax return. However, unlike for-profit companies, a non profit organization's tax return is made available to the public and has much more information on it that comes under scrutiny by readers. Learn the basic sections of the 990 as well as tips on how best to add narratives for fundraising. We will also answer audience questions as well as share tips on how to avoid red flags for public scrutiny.

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch Break

1:00 to 2:00 pm: Strategic fundraising: how soliciting restricted and unrestricted funds affect the financial health of NFPs

Organizations without a fundraising strategy sometimes find themselves with the wrong mix of donor gifts. Too much in restricted or endowment funds doesn't allow the flexibility to pay ongoing operational needs and not having a menu of options for donors who want to donate restricted funds can leave money on the table. In the first part of this presentation, we'll cover the difference between restricted and unrestricted donations and how it impacts your financials. In the second part, we'll share scenarios and tips on how best to guide donors to provide financial support in ways that assist the organization the best. We will welcome our special guest, Michele Levy from ML Brand Strategy Consulting, who will provide examples and case studies

2:15 to 3:00 pm: Creating customized and engaging financial dashboards for your organization

Data fatigue is a real thing in today's fast paced and short-staffed environments. When time is short and you need to focus on key performance indicators, utilizing dashboards is the best way to get pertinent data in front of decision-makers. The goal of this workshop is to assist participants with selecting the most meaningful data to assist with streamlining financial information that is most helpful to their organizations. Participants will be able to ask questions and engage in open discussion with their peer organizations during the presentation.

In this presentation, we'll cover:

·       The different types of dashboards and when to use each type

·       How to select the information to include in your dashboard based on the audience

·       Different ratios and KPI's (key performance indicators) that organizations commonly include in their dashboards

3:15 to 4:00 pm: Roundtable & Participants Q&A

We'll leave time for participants to discuss hot topics, ask a CPA any of their questions, discussions on effective Board and Volunteer onboarding and training, etc.

Cost $40 for single attendee, $60 for unlimited attendees for an organization

To register, email lifeboatcpa@gmail.com or use the paypal button below

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Guest Bios:

Michele Levy

ML Brand Strategy Consulting

Michele Levy helps mission-driven organizations develop compelling messaging and communications programs in support of strategic goals. In addition to her consulting work, she has served as interim Chief Marketing Officer for a number of nonprofit organizations, and has held key roles on a variety of nonprofit boards. An honors graduate of Harvard College, Michele received her MBA in healthcare management from Boston University. She is the author of Building Your Brand: A Practical Guide for Nonprofit Organizations. Website: https://www.brand-strat.com/index.html

Published Books:

Business 101 for Dance and Fitness Instructors-available on Amazon

Event Hosting 101 for the Performing Arts and Dance Studios Startup Kits: Raq-On.net



In-person workshops & trainings:

Amity is available for in-person trainings and education on all things accounting. Examples include setting up your accounting system to work for you and your staff, board and staff trainings for NFP's on accounting and compliance, mastermind, brainstorming, and strategic sessions, etc.